Ty Hallock

Ty Hallock
In today's digital landscape, mobile apps and software are an integral part of any effective marketing plan. As lead project developer, Ty Hallock has been building mobile apps and custom software since the early 2000s. Since the turn of the century, Ty has realized that the companies that don’t make their offering digital will be left behind in this new world we find ourselves in. When he isn’t working, Ty is either serving on the board for A-B Tech’s Business Computer Technologies Department, advising a local non-profit, or playing with his 2-year-old. Ty is also the founder of TEDxAsheville.

3 Surprising Ways to Use a Mobile App at Your Company

Mobile apps are more than little square icons on your smartphone—they’re suddenly becoming a massive platform for growing your business. Why? A recent Google study shows that 39% of smartphone...

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