If there’s anything we’ve learned since starting our agency in 2013, it’s this: If the words aren’t right, people won’t buy. Fortunately, there’s a formula out there that helps companies create a clear brand message so their customers listen and buy when they’re ready. It’s called the StoryBrand Brandscript and it’s helped Fortune 500, as well as local start-ups, increase revenue. In this blog, we’ll show you how the StoryBrand Brandscript can help you tell the right story so you can help more people and make more money. 


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The Story Most Companies Tell

Most companies tell an insecure story that is too self-interested to capture the short attention spans of the modern customer. How many times have you gone through a website, looking to see whether a company can solve your problem, only to find that the company spends its homepage talking about what they believe in? As if a company’s ethics is going to help you get your plumbing fixed. The story most companies tell feels more desperate than it does secure and helpful. Most websites seem to say, “Here’s who we are. Now, click the call to action”. 

While a lot of companies are stuck telling bad stories that don’t increase revenue, there is a new way to tell your story so it connects with your audience. The StoryBrand Brandscript is helping thousands of companies tell a customer-centered story so their audience listens. 

(Side note: Looking for a more in-depth breakdown of the storytelling  framework? Click here to download our e-book.)

The StoryBrand Brandscript

Telling a customer-centered story (as defined by StoryBrand), begins by asking, “Who does your audience want to become?”. At the end of the day, this is all that matters to your audience. That’s why all the commercials are filled with certain people becoming better versions of themselves by way of great products and services. Asking who your audience wants to become, and then calling your audience toward that ideal, is what marketing is all about. 

Once you know who your audience wants to become, the rest of the Brandscript becomes really simple. It includes identifying what your customer wants, what problem is in their way, and how you can empathize with them and call them to action to get the problem solved. If you can show your audience how you can help them avoid failure and end in success, they'll be much more likely to do business with you. 

Want to try your hand at a Brandscript for your company? There are videos to help you every step of the way! Click here to create your very own Brandscript. 

Turning The Brandscript Into Money-Making Marketing Collateral

When a Brandscript is completed correctly, many great things can happen to increase revenue for a company. First and foremost, you have the words you need to start creating marketing collateral that is clear and customer-centered. Think about it. A Brandscript turns to sentences. Sentences turn to emails, web copy, and sales slides. With a Brandscript, you’re never lost for words. The words you need that tell the story your customer needs to hear are always right in front of you. 

A lot of companies expect their marketing efforts to return a profit immediately. If only it worked that way. Marketing collateral must be assembled in a way that nurtures leads until they become customers. Companies that succeed take the nurturing approach because they understand that any audience must learn to trust you before they’ll do business with you. That is, they must be taken on the buyer’s journey with appropriate marketing collateral at each stage. If you’ve read about our effective sales funnel, you know that there is a proven framework for turning leads into customers. The StoryBrand Brandscript gives you the words you need to build that funnel, and funnels make you money.

The Takeaway

There’s no sense in struggling with any more digital marketing plans that don’t increase revenue for your company. Remember, people buy when the words are right. If your words aren’t right, the marketing never works. Get the words right with the StoryBrand Brandscript and start turning those words into marketing collateral that makes you more money.

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